10 Reasons Why Charlie Sheen is so Popular

Charlie Sheen

1. America Loves Bad Boys

Even though our modern world has advanced what feels like light years, we are still a pretty sexist country. While troublemaking females like Lindsey Lohan see their careers take a tumble, we embrace men like Charlie Sheen because there is still a double standard.

2. He’s a Tad Nutty

Ok. Maybe nuts doesn’t exactly define it. Uber-nuts, ultra-crazy, off-his-rocker- yes. All of the above qualify. He went on a rampage against Chuck Lorre, the creator of Rosanne, Dharma and Greg, Mike and Molly and Two and a Half Men. After being fired, it really hit the fan.

3. His Mouth Spews Liquid Gold

Whether he’s “winning”, talking about “warlocks”, “trolls or whatever the heck else, you just never know what he’s going to do next. And we quote, “I’ve spent, I think, close to the last decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold.” No one knows what cans he’s talking about.

Charlie Sheen

4. He’s a Hot Mess

Let’s see, he accidentally shot Kelly Preston in the arm, gambled during the birth of his child with Denise Richards and threatened to kill her and he got in a knife fight over a Train song. None of this is good but speaking of Train – this is a lot like a train wreck. We can’t turn away.

5. He Makes Us Feel Normal

Between the made-up words and knife fighting about whether or not “Drops of Jupiter” is the best song on the planet… Sheen makes us feel normal. Sometimes it’s nice to know we aren’t as crazy as we thought.

6. His Tweets

Tweeting hilarious photos, senseless banter and really interacting with his fan following – Sheen has a whopping 10.3 million followers on Twitter and growing. If you stop by, you’ll see this tag below his profile, “(Unemployed winner…)”

Charlie Sheen

7. We Feel Empathy for Him

He’s a brilliant actor but he’s taking a real nose dive from reality, that doesn’t mean we love him any less but it does mean that we wish he’d get clean, stop getting violent and basically just go back to being the Charlie we loved in the 90s.

8. He’s Successful

There’s so much crazy-buzz surrounding Charlie Sheen that we almost forget sometimes how super-mega-famous he is. He won a Golden Globe for his role on Spin City, was the highest paid actor in television in 2010 thanks for Two and Half Men.

9. The Nostalgia

Remember Charlie the fun-loving dog we adored as kids in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2? Yep… Charlie Sheen. Don’t forget Hot Shots, Platoon and Red Dawn along with other favorites of our teen years. Sheen evokes a feeling of nostalgia for us and we love him for it.

Charlie Sheen

10. We See Ourselves in Him

We have all been a hot mess at some point or another. We are all a little crazy, a tad nutty – marching to the beat of our own drummer. Perhaps the reason we love Charlie so much is because we see ourselves in him.

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