15 Reasons Why Katy Perry Is A Fashion Icon For Our Time

Fashion enthusiasts might find it hard to define this amazing pop singer’s fashion style. Some might call it carefree while others might deem it whimsical. There is generally a fun element to Perry’s fashion savoir faire, but there is also a sophistication that underscores Perry’s fabulous costumes and red carpet get-ups.

Perry is proving that she is at the top of her game as a pop star, but she’s also demonstrating with outfit after outfit that she’s a fashion guru for our times too!

1. Owl dress


Perry is all about taking risks, but playful risks. Her style is captivating because it’s constantly in motion, always changing and dynamic. When she hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool, eyes were on her chest… literally. She arrived in a form-fitting cobalt blue dress with a set of ”eyes” on her bust.

2. Fun


Katy Perry knows how to make fashion fun! Her popcorn box skirt and kernel-studded hem was topped with a reel-to-reel bikini top!

What’s not fun about that?!

3. Wild


Perry can frequently be seen flaunting animal prints. She wears these wild prints with her characteristic playfulness. Nobody wears a leopard print quite like Perry!

4. Multi-national


When Perry dressed in an Asian ensemble with Geisha hair ornaments in her pink hair to top it off, it was great to see a star paying homage to the style of other cultures, even ones that happen to be historical!

5. She’s got spirit


With the world’s eyes on her, Perry doesn’t hesitate to show her spiritual side. She recently sported a gorgeous pair of cross earrings in her video “Unconditionally” and isn’t afraid to add a religious note to her pop star persona. She’s even worn a blouse with the image of the Madonna (not the pop queen) on it while sporting pigtails to meet Jimmy Fallon.

6. Politically minded


While sometimes stars will step into the political fray, no one has done so like Perry in her skin-tight ballot dress where her vote for President Obama was clearly marked!

7. She’s bright, she’s neon


Sporting neon green heels and a tank has all the makings of a classic Katy Perry look! No beige or mauve for this girl; give her hot pink!

8. Sweet


Many of Perry’s costumes reveal a love for sweets, but her sweeter-than-candy fashion sense is sometimes sweetly nostalgic too, like when she sported a pink gown a la My Fair Lady to the “MusiCares Person of the Year Gala” in 2012.

9. A new take on retro


Katy’s style is evidenced by her ability to revamp a vintage style accessory. Take her platform saddle shoes, for instance; Perry makes an old style her own by sometimes combining looks from multiple eras (like 1950 + 1985) to put her own stamp on them.

10. She’s sexy


Perry’s fashions might be over the top like when she wore a yellow box on her head as a hat, but there’s no denying that the clothing style reveals a sexy body that is outrageously fit and fine!

11. Sporty


When Perry attends a game, so does her sporting style! She’s been known to show up in wrestling get-ups or baseball outfits that demonstrate her love of athletics!

12. She’s a femme fatale


When she’s in the mood, Perry can show her rocker side, her dark side. It’s hard to believe this bubble gum princess has a dark side, but when you see her sporting black leather skin tight pants and a strapless corset, you can’t help but think “temptress.”

13. Crowd pleaser


Perry knows her fans love to laugh and enjoy her fashion style. To that end, she’ll happily walk out in a dress made from Muppet fabric or a sheath that features a rhinestone Smurfette.

14. Color wonderful


Perry is all about rainbow garb. She’s not afraid of any color combination and will often wear outfits that somehow include all the colors in the crayon box!

15. In control


Perry owns everything she wears and no matter how outrageous the costume, she pulls it off with her effervescent style! People may not like everything Perry wears, but they’re bound to like something! She has hundreds of completely different looks proving that her style is completely boundless and that makes her always fun to watch!

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