15 Ugliest Red Carpet Dresses


The Oscars red carpet definitely brings out the most talented stars and Hollywood A-listers, making the whole event something of a number one fashion happening besides fashion weeks.

Now, although the Academy Awards night gathers only the crème de la crème of the public life and we expect to see only the best looks on the famous red carpet, unfortunately not everyone manages to pull off certain crazy ideas conceived in the minds of controversial fashion designers.

In fact, some of these creations look like they were meant for some weird costume party, rather than the most glamorous of the Hollywood shows.

From the ugly to bizarre and finally, the downright hilarious, take a peek at some of the worst red carpet looks in the past 25 years and make sure you let us know if we’ve forgotten some of the gems.


1. Demi Moore (1989)

Our list starts by going way back to year 1989 when, while making her grand entrance on the red carpet, Demi Moore managed to break one of the biggest fashion rules since the dawn of time – whatever you do, wherever you go, leave the bike shorts at home.

The actress had the courage to try and avoid paying some famous fashion designer loads of cash for a professionally designed gown, so she decided to go ahead and assemble the combination herself.

Demi definitely didn’t pull off her unusual ensemble which also included an ill-fitting leotard and a bustier-skirt combination that looked like something that was meant to be used as couch upholstery.

Some of the fans who were present at the ceremony are probably still wondering whether Demi was actually headed for some strange ballet or floral themed party which took place at the gym.

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