20 Actors who have been tough on set

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Movie actors make a lot of money, so it can be a real surprise to hear that so many of them are unprofessional, and cause problems on the set of the movies they star in.

1. Lindsay Lohan

No real surprise here. A child actor who turned into a tabloid star for her fights, arrests and constant drug abuse, Lohan is still someone hanging on in the entertainment business, getting work more because of the spectacle that she has become over having any real talent.

According to those who worked with her on various productions in the past few years, she is unpredictable in her moods, delays shoots and sometimes just doesn’t show up.

Oprah even had to set her straight in a recent interview for Lohan’s OWN network reality show called, appropriately, Lindsay.

She also recently handwrote a list of Hollywood’s leading actors that she (supposedly) slept with. James Franco is denying his place on the list, and we’re willing to be there’s a lot of actors and their wives/girlfriends that wouldn’t be happy to work with Lohan over such a list (we’re looking at you, Jessica Biel).

While Lohan has had some big-name cameos on shows like How I Met Your Mother and Glee, she has yet to turn these into a longer-running television part or a bigger movie. The good news is, she still gets paid to show up at parties and clubs to pay the bills. Until she overcomes her diva reputation, chances are this will stay the norm.

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