9 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Homeless

kelly clarkson

When most people think about celebrities, images of lights, fashion, money, and power come to mind.

Very rarely would you ever think about poverty and homelessness in relation to the celebrities that grace television screens, movie theaters, and radios across the world.

But hard as it is to believe there are many celebrities who were literally homeless before making it big.

Below are nine of their stories.

1. Kelly Clarkson

Before Kelly Clarkson rose to fame as the winner of “American Idol”, nobody had heard of her, and only a few people heard her beautiful voice.

While now she is almost a fixture in the musical landscape and a household name, Kelly Clarkson originally wanted to be a marine biologist. But once she tried out for “American Idol” and eventually won, her life changed forever.

What most people probably don’t know, is that right before she earned her place on, and subsequently won the talent show, her life was anything but famous and glamorous.

The famed singer fell on hard times prior to her catapult to fame and was actually living out of her car and a homeless shelter after her Los Angeles apartment building burned down. With those days far behind her, Clarkson used her amazing talents to win the hearts of millions of adoring fans, and even managed to make an impression on usually stoic judge Simon Cowell.

She also starred in the feature film musical that was based on that series titled “From Justin to Kelly.” Clarkson is one of the only people to win “American Idol” who would go on to have any type of significant career in the future. Most of the other winners disappear soon after the show is over.

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