Bieber And Gomez Are At It Again


Yup, it’s official! Teenage sensations Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have rekindled their love. We’ve suspected this for some time, but it wasn’t until their love was captured on an Instagram video our suspicions were confirmed.

The pair was spotted at a birthday party at Bootsy Bellows, hosted by their friend Alfredo Flores, where they enjoyed all the little things that come with being in a relationship, like holding hands and staying near one another. Cute!

A source also said that Justin has been trying to patch things up with Selena for some time now, because he really does love her.

Any official confirmation from the representatives hadn’t happened yet, but if we’re lucky enough they will give us a hint themselves. What’s social media for if not for keeping an eye on on-again-off-again relationships, anyway?

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