Bieber – He’s a toker


Yikes! Is there no limit to Justin Bieber’s behavior?

The singer has been attracting a lot of bad publicity lately and is sure to have lost a few of his adoring fans.

Apart from his questionable behavior with the opposite sex, Bieber has been in countless misdemeanors involving alcohol and weed.

One of his latest antics includes leaving a Miami mansion smelling of weed after he and his houseguests left.

The rental company apparently had to withhold $5000 of Bieber’s deposit to cover cleaning costs. That’s just one of many incidents over the last month.

The singer has transformed from an adorable young man into a wild child as residents of his gated Calabasas community lodge complaints about the loud parties and an alleged egging incident.

As if that weren’t damaging enough, an anonymous partygoer reported to UsWeekly the details of what went on at the singer’s home.

According to the partygoer, Justin smoked “joint after joint and had a mason jar full of weed.”

Let’s just say that the former YouTube sensation has developed quite a reputation for being a pothead. In early February, he found himself in the middle of yet another marijuana controversy as pictures on the web surfaced clearly showing the singer holding a blunt.

In yet another incident, the pilot of Biebs plane allegedly radioed in the air that Justin and his crew smoked weed on a private flight to New Jersey, and they refused to stop even after the flight attendant asked them to. NBC News reported the incident and said the pilot had to wear a gas mask as the cabin was filled with smoke.

If there’s any doubt that Bieber is a toker, the Canadian sang like a bird after an arrest in late January. Cops pulled him over after they caught him drag racing and he was placed under arrest for resisting without violence. The “Boyfriend” singer did not have a valid license and admitted to using alcohol, marijuana and prescription antidepressants.


Many other celebrities have been known to smoke weed, so what makes Justin any different? With countless adoring young fans, Bieber runs the risk of being seen as a poor role model.

What’s surprising is that the bad behavior started after Bieber split with his girlfriend of two years, Selena Gomez. The singer admitted that he’s “not in the happiest place” right now.

Everyone will admit that the kid needs help. Most of the stable young celebrities rely on their parents and extended families to keep them grounded.

In Justin’s case, it appears that HIS MOM may be just as guilty as his questionable friends – if you were to believe his claims that his mom gave him prescription medication.

Justin’s dad is no help either as he’s been right alongside his son during the incidents that brought the legal woes. Apparently, parenting in Hollywood is not as straightforward as the real world.

Perhaps, the charges will get Bieber to stop all the drag racing, partying and drugs. At least that’s what his fans are hoping for.

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