Gomez blames Bieber for Rehab


Selena Gomez spent two weeks in rehab last month, and according to sources, she blames her ex, Justin Bieber, for her downfall.

Gomez checked herself into The Meadows in Arizona for two weeks to treat a combination of problems, including an alleged addiction to pot, alcohol and prescription Ambien. She also can’t seem to stay away from Bieber.

Just before the rehab stint, Gomez had been spotted joyriding with Bieber in the Segway.

Her camp allegedly went ballistic as she was apparently being sucked once again into the “Boyfriend” singer’s excesses. Immediately after that she went into rehab.

The Meadows has a 2-week treatment program called DAWN designed specifically for people between 18 and 26.

The program treats trauma, mental health, substance dependence, family dynamics and relapse prevention.

However, reps close to the actress denied that she was treated for substance abuse. Her reps said she’s been exhausted and she recognized the need to slow down and get out of Los Angeles and the corrupt influences. She also needed to regain control of her life. Selena cancelled an Australian tour in December and voluntarily checked into rehab.

It seems like 2-weeks were all Selena needed as she’s not in therapy nor is she being treated as an outpatient.

While her camp has been working overtime to quell the rumors, fans are not buying into the claims. For months, magazines and celebrity gossip sites have been reporting the singer’s downward spiral. Rumors of marijuana, prescription pills, and alcohol have plagued the songstress ever since her break from Bieber.


It seems she hasn’t handled the breakup as well as expected. A source close to Gomez revealed that she had been partying a lot to deal with the breakup.

Friends and family were certainly worried, and they encouraged her to go to rehab and clean up her life troubled by partying and drug abuse.

One insider confessed that it wasn’t fair to place blame on Justin, but smoking and drinking was commonplace among Justin’s crew, so Selena quickly picked up the damaging habits. However, Justin dismissed reports that he is to blame for his ex-girlfriend’s demise. He’s laughing off the claims saying he was not a bad influence.

According to reports, Justin claims that the pop princess tried to out-drink and out-smoke everyone in the group. He said that it became her obsession, so she was always stoned and drunk when she attended parties with the group.

Strong words from Bieber, but how does he explain his recent problems involving weed, booze and prescription pills? He won’t be able to laugh or talk his way out of the charges pinned against him.

Of course, Selena is free to make her own decisions, and it’s unlikely that Justin forced her to swallow pills and smoke pot. So it’s really not fair for her to blame another person for her mistakes.

She might have poor judgment and she did make some silly mistakes, but there’s one stark difference between Selena and Justin: she’s acknowledged her problems and took steps to get the help she needs… even if she didn’t stay for the full treatment.

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