How To Create A Bold Late Summer Lip


For many, summer is the time for minimalist makeup and hair.  Easy makeup and soft colours tend to increase in popularity, however for late summer nights out, you can’t go wrong with a sexy, bold summer lip. Whether you go with a rich red or vibrant pink, it helps to follow some basic guidelines for application and complimentary, long-lasting colour.


Start off right with a smooth canvas: Ensure your lips are moisturized. If needed, exfoliate lips the night before and use a rich, nourishing lip balm to guarantee lips are primed for the following day/evening.

Choose a complimentary colour: Reds, pinks and bright corals are always popular in the summer.  Pick your favourite colour and then choose the boldest, deepest shade of it that you’re comfortable with.

Try a matte formula: Matte formulas are popular as they tend to last longer than lip glosses and glossy stains.

Keep the rest minimal: Bold lips draw attention to the mouth. Keep the attention there by going minimal with the rest of your makeup.  Keep eye makeup neutral (consider just mascara and possibly eyeliner) and consider avoiding other heavy makeup including foundation.


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