Kanye West Announces He’s Putting On An Opera In One Week

Kanye West has prolonged deliberate himself one a biggest artists who has ever lived, and from his work in rap, gospel, film-making and fashion, he competence usually have a point. He’s motionless to supplement to his list however, by announcing on Sunday that he skeleton to premiere his initial Opera subsequent Sunday, Nov 24.

The opera, entitled Nebuchadnezzar: A Kanye West Opera, will take place during a Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, something a venue has confirmed, and tickets will go on sale currently during noon. The show is named after a Babylonian aristocrat discuss in a Book of Daniel, and will be destined by opening artist Vanessa Beecroft. The usually other thing famous about a show comes from a invitation, and it says it will feature “music with Sunday Service, Peter Collins Infinities Song.” Knowing West a show is expected to be really treacherous and experimental, though it will once again get him attention. 

West expelled his latest album, Jesus is King, on Oct 25, and it was a artist’s ninth uninterrupted to entrance during series one on a Billboard 200 albums chart. He also expelled an IMAX film by a same name during a same weekend. Both a manuscript and a film are dictated to assistance move his Sunday Service to a incomparable crowd. Back in Jan of this year West rebranded himself as a gospel singer, with weekly church services that has captivated copiousness of luminary attention.

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