Listen To The 2016 Olympics 2016 Theme Song


It competence be a Fourth of July, though people are articulate about Brazil today. With only over a month to go until a start of a 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazilian record association Som Livre expelled a central thesis strain of a 2016 rite on Sunday, and it’s certain to locate a lot of courtesy for being an paper to a horde country.

The singular is called “Alma e Coração” that means Soul and Heart, and it’s performed by samba star Thiaquinho and rapper Projota. The singular was expelled alongside a video that shows implausible landscape imagery of a horde city of Rio De Janeiro, and also facilities Brazilian athletes demonstrating their training routines. And don’t worry if we can’t know a lyrics, as a video provides a translations of their feel-good message, and it’s really easy to get bending on a familiar beats and rhythm.

The 2016 Summer Olympics flog off on Aug 5th with a opening ceremony, and closes on Aug 21st. In Canada a events can be noticed on CBC and TSN, with NBC holding a American broadcasting rights.



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