New Walking Dead Series Casts First Three Roles

Even nonetheless The Walking Dead comic book array was cancelled final week, and a AMC array has been saying loss ratings, a network is relocating brazen on a new series. The nonetheless to be patrician uncover will join The Walking Dead (now in a tenth season) and Fear The Walking Dead (soon to start deteriorate 5), when it premieres in 2020. To uncover that things are relocating forward, it was announced yesterday that a initial 3 vital roles have now been cast.

The new array will follow a story of dual womanlike protagonists and concentration on a initial era to come of age in during a zombie apocalypse. The 3 hired to star in a new array are Alexa Mansour, Nicolas Cantu, and Hal Cumpston. Variety has settled that their sources have told them that Mansour’s impression is a cooperative order breaker who lives for today, and is amiable and humorous on a outward though unhappy on a inside. Cantu’s impression is pronounced to be tiny for his age in further to being friendly, an aged soul, and who has a black belt in karate. Cumpston’s impression is pronounced to be large for his age, and a bashful loner that scares some kids, though he hates a fact that he scares people. 

The 3 actors have varying degrees of experience. Mansour has several radio credits to her name, including Madam Secretary, How To Get Away With Murder and SEAL Team, as good as a fear film Unfiltered: Dark Web. Cantu has finished both voice over work, as good as carrying entrance on radio shows such as The Good Place. While Cumpston starred in and wrote a Australian entrance of age comedy Bilched.

The new Walking Dead array will start prolongation on a 10 part initial deteriorate in Virginia this summer.

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