Our Favourite Bobs Of The Moment


Bobs are once again carrying a moment. From a streets to a red carpet, brief bobs are everywhere. While a loyal that they don’t always fit everyone, for many women, a incline can be a worldly and graceful look. Check out some of a favourite luminary incline looks of a moment.


we meant we unequivocally don’t know how many some-more times we can remind myself that final night happened…not usually since a finish seems rather erm… misty now.. Safe to contend we got LIT UP. Who knew a #oscars2019 could be so damn fun?! From my violent @balmain dress to my insanely enchanting @niwaka_collections bling to my ideal colour (NOT DONE BY ME OUT OF A BOX!) though by a fantabulous kind saw me on a final day of her holidays @nicolaclarkecolour to @jennychohair @jilliandempsey @jennahipp @petraflannery my sisters from other mistas appreciate we for creation me sparkly and gleam and get me to a damn celebration on time! #littyinthecity #brunetteshavemorefunandnowiveprovedit #🔥 #❤️ #💪🏻

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kissy kissy 💋 Thank we for 10 MILLION @youtube subscribers 💎 appreciate we bby @graceleenyc for travelling a suprisingly complicated solid board all over a universe to move it to me backstage during a @brits i adore we and all of your support 💕 Thank we x // @pixielevinson

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And a outrageous appreciate we to my implausible group for pulling this together ❤️ @lesliefremar @kateleemakeup @hairbyadir @katiecollinsstyle #GoldenGlobes

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