Top 12 Beautiful Celebs Who Never Went Under The Knife


The pressure to look much younger than one’s biological age is very strongly felt throughout Hollywood and both men and women, but still mostly women, feel the need for cosmetic surgery to try and hold onto their youthful looks. Luckily, there are still those actors and actresses who refuse to give in and subject their faces and bodies to the pain and most likely ridicule that surrounds plastic surgery.

1. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields was one of the most beautiful women in the 1980s and she owes most of her success to her stunning looks.

Shields’ mother realized her daughter was going to be beautiful at the age of five and pushed her into the world of show business, and Brooke clearly found satisfaction in what she did for long enough to still be a public figure almost 50 years later.

The question of plastic surgery when it comes to Mrs. Shields is an ambiguous one as she may or may not have had Botox injections, but no major surgery has every been confirmed.

At the age of 50 it seems Shields has been aging quite gracefully, showing off her wrinkles and signs of age proudly, which more than attests to the fact she’s never gone under the knife in any serious way.

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