Watch Alessia Cara Mimic Billie Eilish On ‘The Tonight Show

Alessia Cara has a new EP entrance out on Sep 6th, and in a meantime she’s attack a speak shows to foster it. Last night she seemed on The Tonight Show, and during her shred she challenged Jimmy Fallon to a rematch of Wheel of Musical Impressions.

Back in 2017 Cara mislaid a diversion to Fallon, and she was dynamic not to do so again. This time around a Canadian thespian ideally copies Billie Eilish’s sound while singing Pop Goes The Weasel. For her second impressions she mimics Amy Winehouse singing Old Macdonald Had a Farm, solely in this box it was to a balance of Rehab.  Fallon on a other palm pretends he’s The Doors singing Sesame Street’s Rubber Duckie, You’re a One, following by a delivery of Baby Shark as if Mick Jagger was singing it. Cara wins it in a finish yet when she apes Alanis Morissette singing Hush, Little Baby.

Fallon unequivocally didn’t mount a possibility this time around, and we consternation if there will be a third turn in a future.


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